Our 24 Month Limited Warranty

At Imperium, you are able to purchase with confidence knowing that every watch is covered under our 24 month limited warranty.

Our warranty covers any material, worksmanship, or graphic related defects. This means that if anything is wrong upon receiving your product, or if any issue related to these areas arises with normal use of your watch, your purchase will be covered.

Our warranty does not cover any damage caused by improper handling of your watch, normal wear and tear, or water damage.

Please read below for more details:

What is Covered

Material Defects

Our warranty covers any watch that's materials do not come as described, or if there are any flaws in the materials when you first receive the watch. Please report any material defect immediately upon notice.

Worksmanship Defects

Our warranty covers any worksmanship defects related to: the watch hands, the crown, or the dial. Please report any worksmanship defect immediately upon notice. *Please note any damage to these areas of the watch caused by improper use/care will not be overed*

Graphic Defects

Several of our watches feature a unique graphic on the face of the watch. While each watch's graphic may vary very slightly, any noticeable error in the graphic will be covered under our warranty.

What is not covered

Improper Handling

We always encourage proper care of your Imperium watch. Any damage caused by an accident, negligent care, or improper use is not covered under our warranty.

Wear and Tear

We are proud of the durability of an Imperium watch. However when subjected to prolonged use, your watch may receive some wear and tear. Any damage caused by this is not covered under our warranty.

Water Damage

Our watches are water resistant to a certain depth, but not water proof (unless otherwise noted). We do not advise the wearing of an Imperium watch under water. The warranty does not cover water damage (unless the watch is marked 'water-proof').

What to do next

To obtain warranty service, please reach out to us at support@imperiumwatches.com. We will then discuss your concerns and determine appropriate action.

If your watch qualifies: we will either repair your watch (if applicable), or we will replace your watch free of charge. *Please note that if your watch is no longer available, we will replace it with a watch that is most similar in style and cost to your original purchase*.


How long does the warranty for my watch last?

Imperium's limited warranty extends 24 months from the purchase date of your product.

Why do you offer a warranty?

While we are confident in the quality of our products, we provide a 24 month limited warranty so you can be fully confident in your purchase! 

My watch is no longer available. Can I still use my warranty?

Yes. While we may not be able to directly replace your watch in this scenario, we will replace it with a watch that is most similar in style and cost to your original. 

I damaged my watch. Is there anything I can do?

Damage to your watch related to regular use, wear and tear, accidents, or negligence is not covered under our warranty. However, we are proud to have you as a customer and would love to see you in a new Imperium watch. Please contact us, and we can see if we can provide assistance in your next purchase from us!

How can I contact you in regards to your warranty?

To obtain warranty service, or for any questions in regards to our warranty, please reach out to us at support@imperiumwatches.com. We may also be reached through our social media DM's.